Sunday, March 13, 2011

Those pesky winter weeds



What to do about Winter weeds. First off, pre - emergent should have been applied in September 2010 and February 2011. This takes care of most Winter weeds BEFORE they are able to come up in southern turfgrasses. It is a turf maintenance procedure that should NEVER be overlooked. Dandelion and wild onion are difficult to remove because these weeds are perenial [they come up every year]. A good post - emergent should be used on these annoying weeds. Do not use Roundup spray on dandelion and wild onion at this late time as it will leave dead spots around the areas sprayed when your turf "greens up". It is possible to glove-up and wet a paper towel with Roundup, then clasp the onion and swipe it upward covering the entire shaft. This will kill, but is extremely tedious.

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Henbit and Deadnettle are now out in ful force . Henbit has more of a rounded leaf, while Deadnettle leaves are more heart shaped. Both these winter weeds display lavender colored blooms and both are easily pulled up for quick disposal. Neither Henbit nor Deadnettle like hot sunny weather, and usually die out as Spring evolves to Summer.

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