Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hello in there.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Green Grass Grows and Cater Design & Landscape LLC.

Our lives have been blessed by the birth of our first grandchild this year.  Mabry Evelyn Cater arrived in January and our lives are enriched because of it. 

Spring and Summer produced a very busy and fruitful installation and maintenance campaign as new customers came on board and new designs were implemented. Which brings us to Fall, football and leaf removal.  The increase in Summer rainfall totals [+ 11 inches for the year] caused leaves to drop later than usual.  And the increased interest in our football teams made the season fun.

Now Winter is only days away and Christmas is upon us. 
If you have a "real" Christmas tree, remember to keep it watered.  The heat from your furnace is no friend to your tree.  At the Cater home we have a watering can with a long spout that enables us to get the water into the stand with less effort.  We do, however, get down on the floor to do the pouring. 

As I sit in my warm home I am feeling grateful for friends, family, work and the greatest gift of all, the baby Jesus.  Stay safe this holiday season.  Be kind to others.

And Happy New Year.