Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March came in like a lamb?

Things are thawing out. The ground is warming up. Bulbs are breaking through the surface and showing the promise of Spring. Now is the time to pull your old broccoli and collard plants up and plow the garden. We use the Mantis 2 cycle tiller to plow up Carol's garden. It is light weight and easy to manuever. Also, Crepe Myrtles and Butterfly Bushes should be cut back, if they haven't been already.

Pre emergent should have already been applied to turf areas. If there are green winter weeds, they can be controlled with a light application of Round-Up in Bermuda and Bahai grasses only. DO NOT get it near dormant Zoysia as it will prevent ANY green up in the Spring.

March; the transition month. We love it!!

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